Photography Credit: Ben Holland Photography

I’m hiring!

The Quidditch Canda communications department is looking for a whole host of awesome, creative volunteers for this upcoming season – if you’re a photographer, videographer, translator, writer, or blogger, I want you on my team! You can find all the applications here.

Staff Writer/Blogger – We’re going to be doing something really interesting on the site: we’re going to have clever analysis and great league content, and we’re also going to have fully-integrated personal blogs as part of our regular coverage. We’re looking for creative folks to go beyond current quidditch coverage and bring us #hot #takes and more analysis than you can shake a PVC broom at.

Staff Photographer – Pitch your tripod with us and help us show the many faces of quidditch! Staff photographers will cover games and tournaments and work together with comms staff to make fun and beautiful campaigns. You’ll make our game look prettier than we’ve ever known it could be.

Videographer – Canada’s been behind the pack on video coverage of quidditch, and I want to help change that and bring us right to the front. This goes beyond just game footage (although we’ll have that too). Help us create highlight reels, player interviews, video campaigns, and all kinds of amazing moving picture tricks.

Translator – I’m looking to create a crack team of bilingual rock stars to help make our league fully accessible no matter which official language you speak. Translation is code for expansion, inclusion, and clever wordplay. This won’t be all rote word-for-word translation of boring administrative policy posts – we’re going to have fun, engaging content in both languages. Apply bas!

The organizing staff for Canada Day Fantasy 2013 in all their exhausted glory. Photo Credit: Rithy Min.


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