#HockeyFightsDV Update

I’ve been taking part in #HockeyFightsDV (a fan-organized campaign to support survivors of domestic violence by turning hockey stats into donations) since early November, and figured it was high time for a check in!

I track the stats using the NHL’s boxscores and an (ugly) spreadsheet:

Nodding my head like yeah, Excel formulas like yeah

Nodding my head like yeah, Excel formulas like yeah

We’re only just past the midway point of the season, and I’ve got a low ceiling as far as donations are concerned, but I think we’re going to have to mix things up a little. The Stars have struggled and Seguin and Benn have seen some time apart (to their chagrin, I’m sure), so the $0.50 I had originally allotted per point they teamed up for is a bit low. I’m rather invested in the Stars’ offense as a whole, so I’m going to add something to this category. I’m going to keep it at $0.50 (call it a misguided effort to try to goad the Stars into getting more points) but will award it for any combination of two or more of the following players: Tyler Seguin (TSegs), Jamie Benn (Captain Mama Bear), Jason Spezza (duck sauce beat drops), and Ales Hemsky (who looks good in green, despite having struggled this season after a dazzling short run with Ottawa). Teamwork, boys. Make me proud.

Phil’s also had a bit of slumpery, but I’m a Smart Girl who refuses to get further invested in the Leafs (a childhood spent cheering for Toronto sports teams has informed this decision; if you have ever done this or considered doing so I advise against it). You keep on doing you, Phil.

EK65 has been playing quite well, but I want to up the Sens’ ante because I’m proud of them all (yes, you too, Jared). In honour of his (adorable) captaincy of Team Canada’s WJC team, I’m going to donate $5 to MWAG for every Curtis Lazar goal.

He was blowing a kiss to Joe Hicketts for a great stretch pass, but he’s also blowing it to all of you. Credit:

If you’d like to join up, I highly recommend it – it’s a tangible way to turn our enthusiasm for our favourite players and teams into something that will help valuable services provide support to even more people. You can make donations as small or large as you like, and you can also convince other people to sign up – I’ve already persuaded two! If you’re looking for an organization in your area to support, Hockey Fights DV has a list of some of the charities participants are supporting as well as some of the pledges people have made, which you can browse for ideas. $10 for a Carey Price shutout, $5 for every penalty Nazem Kadri draws (or Corey Perry takes), $1 every time a team in your conference loses (thereby bringing your team further into the playoff picture) – whatever you like! And spread your support – tell people about the campaign, ask your chosen organization the best way to support them, and call out sexism and violence wherever possible in your own life.

Keep yer stick on the ice.


2 thoughts on “#HockeyFightsDV Update

  1. Yahong says:

    Great to see this update! So happy to see someone noticing Hemsky ❤ Also, your spreadsheet image caption, OMG. I need to get on this train before the playoffs get too close!

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