I’m a communications professional with a strong background in sports marketing and international development (not quite a Capulet-and-Montague situation, but close). Hockey, writing, and social media are my bread and butter.


I’m passionate about how we connect with each other and tell stories, intelligent and sustainable development that tackles root causes, and working with online communities to have better conversations. I’m creative, a good writer, and I take my fun seriously.

What I can offer you:

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The Book of Clare states that you must always:

  1. Have a bias toward action (and get your hands dirty)
  2. Choose to have fun every single day
  3. F-f-f-f-feedback – give it and take it to heart
  4. Never give someone less than an absolutely excellent experience
  5. Re-read your favourite books
  6. Ask how you can help
  7. Enjoy limericks
  8. Keep Tweetdeck open in the background
  9. Find that sweet spot at the middle of personality and tact
  10. Practice radical generosity
  11. (People like lists) (Fill those lists with good stuff)

If you would like to get in touch, I’m over at @aux_clare and LinkedIn, and you can drop me a line at o.c.hutchinson[at]gmail[dot]com. I’m always down for patio drinks.

Godspeed, Eulalia, Tulach Ard, Brooms Up, Edit Edit Edit Then Edit Some More, and all manner of other war cries.



Let's get started.

Let’s get started.


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