Camping in the Outer Hebrides

I recently spent a week and a half in the Outer Hebrides, primarily camping (although with a few B&Bs booked at strategic points to allow me to dry my socks out). Although Vicky Flip Flop’s guide was helpful, I was deciding where to camp more or less on the fly and would have appreciated some forehand knowledge, so thought I’d share my experience!

I took the train to Glasgow and then to Mallaig, and then the ferry to Lochboisdale where I picked up a rental car from Laing Motors. I like renting locally, and they were very friendly and helpful as a family-run business (and it helped save on ferry prices and improve the ferry experience, as drivers on most ferries have to stay in their cars due to COVID). I got in around 7pm and had a few hours to find somewhere, as the sun doesn’t go down until about 10:30pm in the summer, and even then there’s some light in the sky. I nipped into the Co-op and headed south, thinking I could check out a few beaches for likely spots.

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